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Waterbirth has become very popular in western culture; it can reduce the pain greatly and gives mother the freedom to move around in the pool. Warm, wonderful water to cradle you and your newborn baby in, this type of birth also reduce the rate of tearing in your vagina, which make recovery time much shorter!

LDR Room:

The LDR Room at Aima is an American style labour, delivery and recovery suite. Our warm friendly rooms have all the medical facilities and comfortable surroundings for your family. The same team will care for you and your baby during the stay and never need change rooms. This environment helps you and your family enjoy the birth experience.

Parents-to-be Classes:

Being a parent is a joyful and exciting time in life! It's our pleasure to share this wonderful time with your family. Our parents-to-be classes offers education thought the pregnancy and beyond, the classes given by training professors from different countries. We are teaching the latest pregnancy, childbirth and baby care programs from other countries.

The classes covering nutrition, pregnancy, childbirth, preparation and post-partum & new born care, you will be well prepared for the birth of your baby at our hospital.
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