BLOG: Finding Quality Healthcare in China

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It's no secret that China's enormous population truly puts public healthcare facilities to the ultimate stress test... but if you really focus on industry trends, it also becomes clear that a growing number of healthcare provider networks in the private sector are bringing entirely new sets of standards to the table.
This month's number one question is brought to us by people who have been asking about the level of services and standards that can be found at premium private healthcare facilities.
One of the biggest opportunities in China today is being fueled by the healthcare industry, since a ballooning middle class - coupled with surging numbers of expats within the PRC - has made it necessary to raise the bar on quality and service standards. Let's face it: “taking a number” and waiting in an overcrowded room isn't going to cut it, and options like international insurance and premium one-on-one services will always be welcomed by customers who expect to get much more for their money and time. At Hangzhou AIMA Maternity Hospital, we've taken the necessary steps to offer coverage through well-known brands such as AETNA, ALLIANZ, HTH, and CIGNA. Please be aware that we update and add to our list of insurance providers frequently, so call us today if you don't see yours listed. Additionally, we're proud of the service standards we've achieved, with everything from deluxe rooms to customized menu planning available every day of the week.
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