You might not be able to hear that annoying water truck outside my window, but you can definitely hear my lovely office mate furiously clicking and clacking her keyboard throughout the entire podcast. Hey, whatchagonnado?
Well, we're into the first week of October... and with the Chinese national holiday in full swing, I've decided to get myself all wound up as I pour Costa Rica's finest cup of brew, and share a bit of conversation with , a master coffee grower/importer living right here in the greater Hangzhou area. Now that I'm into a full blown caffeine buzz, I immediately follow up with an interview featuring , our newly-arrived midwife, who has come here all the way from the USA, to bring her unique form of expertise to the fore. We also explore some listener emails and a few words from our sponsors , and of course the famously infamous .
Here's this week's recipe from the show:
Using a crock pot or stock pot, bring the chicken to a simmer after filling the pot with enough cold water to completely cover the chicken, and add freshly peeled and sliced ginger, some scallions, and of course a good pinch of salt to taste. If you really want to make something authentic, you'll need to find a good handful of dried mushrooms such as the variety known as Asian mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, or if you want their scientific name, it's Lentinus edodes. In Chinese, these are called xiānggū (香菇) and they are found virtually everywhere in China. You could, of course, substitute with any other kind of mushroom you prefer, but the real deal can only be made using the xiānggū mushroom. In addition, you could go the extra mile and find yourself a “silkie” chicken, a wūjī (乌鸡) for truly authentic taste.
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