BLOG: Don't Forget Dad!

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Often forgotten in the midst of prenatal OB/GYN visits and maternity clothes shopping, is the guy who should get half the credit for the entire ordeal: The father! Here are a few tips for dads-to-be, as we approach a holiday that was made just for him.
This month's number one question comes from expecting fathers who are getting ready for the big day, in their own way... because it's not just about sympathy weight and painting the new nursery, after all.
One of the hardest things for many expecting fathers is to simply get involved, before things get hectic. It's actually quite common for guys to feel like they have been kicked to the curb, when everyone's fussing over the new mom - and especially over the baby who's on the way. For this reason, it's vital that new dads try to get as much “face time” with the doctor as possible, since getting into the swing of things from the earlier stages of the game will keep men off the sidelines, and in play throughout what will definitely be a lifelong process. Asking questions about how to best team up with their spouse will make dad less of a sidekick, and more of an equal when mom is not exactly feeling stellar during the umpteenth nighttime feeding round. Maternity hospitals offer prenatal classes for couples that make a huge difference in establishing rituals that will aid in crucial family bonding. Additionally, a good maternity hospital will make every effort to enthusiastically involve the men, without making it seem like they are simply there out of obligation... and to obediently carry stuff to the car after every prenatal appointment.
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