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Professor Chunzhi Zhu (Academic Leaders)

The Chief Dr. of Obstetrics and Gynecology, graduated from Zhejing Medical University. She has engaged in gynecology and obstetrics clinical, teaching and scientific research more than 30 years. She is good at all kinds of gynecological malignant tumor surgical operations and malignant cancer chemotherapy, uterine fibroids and the repairing and rebuilding of pelvic relaxation. She is especially good at infertility...

Attending Physician

Dr. Jianguo Zhou (Senior Physician)

Dr. Zhou has more than 35 years experiences in gynecology and obstetrics, specialty is comprehensive maternity high-risk pregnancy complications, diagnosis and treatment of rescue on the prenatal, pregnancy preeclampsia, and high-risk maternal, the prevention and processing of abnormal process. Dr. Zhou has done lots research in prenatal care, eugenic and superior nurture, postpartum rehabilitation and family planning.

Dr. Liyan Guo (Associate Senior Physician)

She graduated from Harbin Medical University, has been work in 3 Armour hospital nearly 30 years and experienced on all kinds of gynecology and obstetrics surgeries, her specialty is disposal of maternity dystocia, postpartum hemorrhage, obstetrics complications, rescuing critical patients, prenatal care and the newborn babies.

Dr. Fei Shen (Associate Senior Physician)

Dr. Shen graduated from the medical college, engaged in teaching and clinical work of maternity for 37 years, her specialty is prenatal and postnatal care, pregnancy nutrition, postpartum rehabilitation, diagnosis and treatment of pregnancy complication.

Dr. Liyun Ma (Attending Physician)

Dr. Ma has 30 years clinical experience in perinatal medicine, high-risk pregnancy, prenatal diagnosis and prenatal counseling, maternal health care and delivered nearly 10, 000 babies.

Liang Gui Ying (Senior Midwife)

Been working as midwife for more than 30 years, and has extensive experiences for prenatal/postnatal care, obstetrical dystocia, postpartum hemorrhage and neonatal resuscitation. During the last few years she has spent most of the time practicing water birth in China, and delivered more than 100 babies in the water from different countries and cultural. Every time she brings the new life to this world, her exciting feels will go along with the family members in the room. She respects life and loves what she does in her career.

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