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Dr. Caiyu Guo (Associate Senior Physician)

Specialty diagnosing & treating intractable diseases of gynecology and obstetrics. She has 40 years experience in various vaginitis, pelvic inflammation and tumor, female menopause health care treatment, family planning, ovarian cyst, fallopian tube obstruction, infertility, etc. various kinds of gynecology and obstetrics difficult disease.

Dr. Limiao Ji (Associate Senior Physician)

Familiar with all kinds of obstetrics and gynecology operation, and laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery, such as infertility, ectopic pregnancy, ovarian cyst and uterine fibroids, etc.

Dr. Fengzhen Liang (Deputy Director)

Specialty in the diagnosis and treatment of common obstetrics and gynecology diseases, frequent-occurring disease, menstrual disorders, endometriosis, fallopian tube obstruction, and genital inflammation, pelvic inflammatory disease caused by primary, secondary sterility. And also familiar with variety of surgical operation of ectopic pregnancy , uterus, fallopian tube obstruction, cesarean section, etc. & the diagnosis and treatment of cavity mirror micro-traumatic techniques.

Dr. Wenxiang Qi (Attending Physician)

Specialty in diagnosis and treatment of cervical erosion, pelvic inflammatory disease, cervicitis, vaginitis, irregular menstruation, etc. as well as the early diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy and laparoscopic surgery.

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