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Some time ago... I started my career with HYATT, then quickly immersed myself into a classical culinary apprenticeship at the historic 100-year old Brown Palace Hotel in Denver, Colorado.

Since then, I've cooked for celebrities and political leaders from different countries around the world including: Chinese Premier Zhu RongJi, several American presidents and presidential candidates, the Dutchess of York Sarah Ferguson, Gloria Estefan, Scott Weiland, Snoop Dogg, and even the metal-rock band Megadeth. By 2002, I was drawn to private restaurants and clubs, and eventually started picking up fine dining private chef gigs in 2003. In 2006, I decided to come to China, to see how I could apply my professional experience to the world's biggest fast-growing new market.

These days, my goal is to cooperate with AIMA as a foreign expert in western cuisine and nutrition. It's my hope to build good relationships with our customers, especially those who are interested in trying something new and different. One of my main philosophies in designing menus and meal plans for guests is based on the principles of getting to know the person first, understanding their unique needs, while designing a meal according to their tastes.

You can see my professional profile on . I am also an active participant on China's Internet, and you can join the discussions by searching for "ruebenmarley" on .

Over the last five years, me and my food have been featured by the following venues and media outlets:

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