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Now that you're expecting a baby, you're undoubtedly becoming more concerned than ever about what you eat!

Along with my 10-year career experience in fine dining, and in cooperation with AIMA Maternity Hospital, I've taken the guesswork out of designing nutritious, balanced meals and menu plans that won't leave you - or your family - feeling like we're serving up stereotypical "hospital food." Additionally, we're constantly working towards establishing international safety and health standards throughout our entire food preparation and handling facilities, in order to ensure you of an experience that is comforting, nourishing, and beneficial to both you and your new arrival.

You choose to have your delivery with us, because you want to enjoy the privileges of premium health care services in Hangzhou. Let me also show you what we've got cooking, here at AIMA.

-Rueben Marley

Senior Nutritionist at AIMA Maternity Hospital

Hangzhou, China

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