• Pubdate : 2013/5/6 15:39:00Winning is EASY and FUN!
    •   On Saturday, May 25th, Hangzhou International School will be sponsoring the 6th annual Dragon Run!   We at Hangzhou AIMA Maternity Hospital are very excited to participate in this great community-building event, and to do our part as we help t...... [Details]

    • Pubdate : 2012/12/17 9:55:00The Pregnant Girls' Party (Survival) Guide
    • Wondering if you can survive the party season without killer heels and bottles of bubbly? You'll be fine with our bump-friendly guide to getting festive. PRE-PARTY PREP If your favourite party dress is straining at the zip, create a distract...... [Details]

    • Pubdate : 2012/11/14 8:56:00Conception and Delivery of Patient Centered Care
    •    In a world of choices, it's becoming increasingly difficult to determine exactly what is going to deliver the level of quality, service, and performance that discriminating customers expect to receive. This is especially true when you're de...... [Details]

    • Pubdate : 2012/11/13 11:46:00Welcome Suzanne Ryan Join AIMA International Medic
    •     Midwifery remains a little-understood practice... and without a legacy of pioneering women in the world to keep things going, there could never be such an enormous support network around the world today.   One of the newest members of ...... [Details]

    • Pubdate : 2012/11/13 11:45:00Expecting Parents Also Have a Story in the Making
    •    Unless you've been living under a rock, you already know that summer is the time for blockbuster movies to hit the scene, and when it comes to putting a new spin on bringing the action upfront and personal, the latest craze seems to be in 3...... [Details]

    • Pubdate : 2012/11/13 11:44:00Premium private healthcare & Insurance
    •    It's no secret that China's enormous population truly puts public healthcare facilities to the ultimate stress test... but if you really focus on industry trends, it also becomes clear that a growing number of healthcare provider networks...... [Details]

    • Pubdate : 2012/11/13 11:34:00Cooling Down in Summer
    •    In the western world, the act of “cooling down” during the summer months might include iced drinks by the poolside... and that's not a bad thing. However, traditional Chinese medicine (commonly referred to as TCM) often makes th...... [Details]

    • Pubdate : 2012/11/13 10:06:00Ten Top Tips to Becoming a Father
    •    Often forgotten in the midst of prenatal OB/GYN visits and maternity clothes shopping, is the guy who should get half the credit for the entire ordeal: The father! Here are a few tips for dads-to-be, as we approach a holiday that was made j...... [Details]

    • Pubdate : 2012/11/13 9:49:00How do I protect my child from seasonal allergies?
    •    One of Hangzhou's key attractions are the colorful and vivid array of trees and flowers blooming this time of year... but it's also one of the worst times for allergy sufferers. Kids are certainly not immune, and infants are especially susc...... [Details]

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