The Pregnant Girls' Party (Survival) Guide

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Wondering if you can survive the party season without killer heels and bottles of bubbly? You'll be fine with our bump-friendly guide to getting festive.

If your favourite party dress is straining at the zip, create a distraction with a salon-styled hairdo and glowing skin. 

Do have a manicure, pedicure or facial as these are all perfectly safe. If you desperately want a fake tan, try an organic or natural spray tan to avoid an overload of chemicals on your skin. 
Don’t colour your hair if you’re less than 12 weeks pregnant. While there’s no scientific evidence that hair dye will affect your baby, most women err on the side of caution and wait until the second trimester. 
Do let the salon know you are pregnant so your beautician will know to avoid using certain aromatherapy oils that are considered unsafe during pregnancy. 
Don’t wear high heels as your centre of gravity alters during pregnancy, changing your posture. Wearing high heels adds to curvature of the spine, resulting in leg and backache. Stick to shoes with a small solid heel and an inner arch for maximum support. 

Before you dive for the buffet, there are some party foods you must steer clear of. 

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