Expecting Parents Also Have a Story in the Making

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   Unless you've been living under a rock, you already know that summer is the time for blockbuster movies to hit the scene, and when it comes to putting a new spin on bringing the action upfront and personal, the latest craze seems to be in 3D technology. After all, people are crowding into theaters every day because they want to see their favorite stories brought to life, in full detail.

  So... what's this got to do with a maternity hospital? Well, expecting parents also have a story in the making, and it begins even before delivery!

  As one of the only maternity hospitals in the greater Hangzhou area that offers international-level technology, we're proud to point out that AIMA has full 4D Sonogram Imaging services available to our customers, and the response has been nothing short of overwhelmingly positive! Parents-to-be are not only interested in seeing their child's development as it's happening, but we've gone a step further by producing images that can be made into booklets, albums, or virtually any other printed medium that gives proud parents a chance to show off what's coming soon... to a theater near you!

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