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Aima Baby Fun Party on Children's Day

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The Children's Day is every kid's festival. Aima Maternity Hospital held a "Baby Fun Party” for the children to celebrate their day.  
The Yoga Room at the first floor of Aima VIP Centre was full with parents and babies at the party time. All those 6-month old to 2-year old angles were born in Aima. There were also many Hangzhou pregnant mothers attended the party and said:" we hope our babies can watch the games and enjoy the festival together. This is also the festival gifts for our babies." 
The party atmosphere was warm and pleasant: Rueben, who’s from the states, enlightened the babies with decent English pronunciation while all the babies followed him and read the English words one by one with their tender voices- serious and cute. The Baby Crawling Race made the whole party immersed in laughter. The race participants were divided into 2 groups: group of babies from 6-month old to 12-month old and group of babies from 12-month old to 2-year old. With the parents encouraging on the side, all the babies crawled on the tract, moving their waists and little cute bottoms. Some babies watched other babies while crawling, some just stopped to take a rest, and some performed many different positions, which amused others. Finally all the energetic babies arrived the finish line. Delicate prizes were rewarded to winners of each group. 
"This Aima activity is really good for the babies - they can learn a lot while doing exercises. It is really funny and meaningful. We are glad to be invited to this party!" said one of the mothers. Hangzhou Aima Maternity Hospital wishes all the little angels health and happiness.




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